Accounting and finance jobs take weeks to fill

Often, the empty office of the accounting and finance department does not fill up overnight.

Vacancies in accounting or finance take an average of about a month to fill, according to a recent survey of 2,100 CFOs by recruitment services firm Robert Half.

CFOs were asked how many weeks it typically takes to fill vacancies at the staff and management levels in accounting and finance. Average responses were four weeks for staff-level positions and five weeks for executive-level positions.

Paul McDonald, senior executive director of Robert Half, said in a press release that companies that make recruitment an ongoing priority, even when they have no openings, can shorten the time it takes to fill positions.

“A pipeline of potential candidates can speed up the hiring process and prevent understaffing issues, such as burnout of key employees,” McDonald said.

Accounting and finance staff positions have ranked among the 10 hardest jobs to fill in each of the eight years recruitment firm ManpowerGroup has conducted its Global Talent Shortage Survey, which polls employers around the world .

Ken Tysiac (

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) is a Jofa editor-in-chief.

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