ADIB launches a new financial service



Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank is launching a new service through its mobile application.

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Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), a leading financial institution, has launched a new “Express Finance” service, through its mobile application, giving eligible customers instant access to personal information. Created in the bank’s Digital Lab, Express Finance, which allows authorized clients to receive funds in less than 30 minutes, is the latest innovative product to be unveiled as part of the bank’s digital transformation strategy.

Pre-approved ADIB clients looking for personal finance can now complete all application steps on their smartphone through ADIB’s state-of-the-art mobile app and receive their funds on the same day without the need to visit the site. one of our branches or manually sign a document. Although the process for clients is fast, easy and secure, the risk methodology applied by the bank remains rigorous to ensure that clients get a financing facility within their means.

Philip King, Global Head of Retail Banking at ADIB, said: “One of ADIB’s main goals is to implement smart digital technologies that can make our customers’ lives easier. Available through the ADIB mobile app, Express Finance provides a fast and convenient channel for pre-approved clients to access finance and meet their financial needs. The entire process can now be done seamlessly on a smartphone with ADIB’s highly skilled team providing behind-the-scenes due diligence to ensure the bank continues to deliver finance responsibly and securely. This is the latest customer-centric solution developed in ADIB’s Digital Lab, with a series of additional announcements slated for the second half of the year.

With ADIB’s Express Finance service, the latest pioneering outing from the bank’s Digital Lab, pre-qualified UAE nationals can receive funding of up to Dh 250,000 while expats can get up to 100 000 Dhs.


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