Albourne teaches young women the professions of finance



Alternative investment consultant Albourne Partners Ltd. last month welcomed 11 young women aged 14 to 15 to its London headquarters to give them insight into careers in fund management, finance and other professions.

Albourne was one of 25 companies, including fund managers, accounting and legal firms, that welcomed nearly 300 young female students to their offices for a morning of on-the-job training.

The activity was part of the annual She Can Be event, sponsored by the Lord Mayor of London’s charity appeal.

“The aim of the event was to inspire young women to consider careers in the City of London,” said Clare Cuming, partner and head of communications at Albourne.

During his first year as host of She Can Be, Albourne focused his efforts on helping his guests – all students at a public school in South East London – gain a better understanding of money management. .

Students learned about due diligence and portfolio building through instruction based on popular games – Snakes and Ladders and Snap – and took turns asking Albourne employees about their work.

In the afternoon, young guests and staff from Albourne joined the rest of the students and businesses for a conference with more inspiring programming at the East Wintergarden site in Canary Wharf.

Feedback from students and staff at Albourne on the engagement day has been so positive that the firm has decided to participate in the program again next year and plans to welcome two young women for a week of professional experience. during the summer of 2020, Ms. Cuming. noted.


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