Credit Express Dynamic, Three Options to Your Personal Loan

Credit Express Dynamic is the personal loan of Us Credit Bank. It can be considered the traditional (offline) version of the other Dynamic product, in fact called Credit Express Dynamic online.
The substantial difference, apart from the fact that it cannot be requested through an online quote but only directly in the agency, and in the amount that can be financed, increased up to 30000 dollars, repayable in monthly installments over a period of up to 7 years.

All the other features that we summarize here remain indifferent:
– Character of personal loan, the motivation and use of the requested capital is not required
– It can be requested by all three usual profiles, the employee, who will provide the ultimate paycheck to guarantee his / her own income, the self-employed worker, who will certify his / her own earning capacity by presenting the latest UNICO model, the pensioner, to the extent that it is sufficient to present the pension slip.
– Other documents required: valid identity document and tax code

Furthermore, three options are available to make the loan as flexible and adaptable to the needs of the applicant: Installment Break, Installment Change, Loan Reload.
Let’s see them in detail.

Installment Jump:

Installment Jump:

It is possible not to make an installment payment per year, postponing it. This will allow the debtor to have peace of mind in case of temporary impossibility to pay. We remind you that even the only delay or omission of payment of a single installment involves the reporting to the risk center and the consequent acquisition of the status of bad payer.


Installment exchange:



option that allows you to vary the amount of the installment to be repaid monthly. This variation obviously implies the variation of the duration of the loan and consequently Us Credit will indicate how many installments in more time the amortization plan will be composed. This solution, unlike the Salto Rata, makes it possible to cope with structural problems (such as the change of job and a reduction in income or the loss of work by a family member).

– Loan Recharge: you can request, at any time after payment of the twenty-fourth installment of the loan and three times in all, a new liquidity loan that will be credited to the current account. The maximum amount will be the amount of capital repaid up to that point.

These are the main costs and conditions
– preliminary investigation: 1% of the amount requested.
– tan: 9.90%
– minimum APR: 10.72%
– maximum APR: 12.46%
– Commission for the Installment Change and Loan Reload options: 10 dollars

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