CyberCoders Posts Top 10 Most Popular Accounting & Finance Jobs & Salaries



IRVINE, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –CyberCoders, one of the world’s leading recruiting firms, today unveils the 10 most requested jobs in the accounting and finance industries. In 2018, CyberCoders data shows that the most in-demand accounting and finance position is that of financial advisor, with an average salary of $ 85,860, followed by a loan officer at $ 68,000 and a tax supervisor with an average salary of $ 96,944. This proprietary data was derived by the CyberCoders team from their database of over one million job seekers.

“After the busy tax season, we often see an influx of hiring managers looking for talent to fill newly opened positions and candidates eager to find their next and better job. CyberCoders data shows that financial advisors and loan officers are in high demand, growing 12.8% and 11.7% year-over-year for each role, respectively, ”said the CyberCoders President Shane Lamb.

The most demanded jobs in accounting and finance 2018

Title Average salary % increase in growth

1. Financial advisor


85 860


2. Loan officer




3. Tax controller


96 944


4. Staff auditor




5. Director of Accounting




6. Subscriber




7. Accountant




8. Accounting staff




9. Mortgage processor




10. Accounting manager


87 653


By analyzing over 400,000 data points from proprietary data on placements and jobs from 2014 to 2018, CyberCoders’ data team determined the top 10 jobs and salaries in accounting.

“It is important for CyberCoders to stay as informed as possible about trends and jobs in demand in the accounting and finance industries. Obtaining this data allows our recruiters to accurately assess the market and strive to be as prepared as possible to help companies and candidates, ”Lamb continues.

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