Former CFO Sentenced to 3 Years for Stealing $ 700,000 from Rapid City Rush | Crime and courts



“I know what I did was wrong,” Durham said, adding that she had not only broken the law but had broken the hearts of people who trusted her.

Her friends and family did not speak during the hearing, but did write letters about her character and how wonderful she was to her three children, Viken said.

Patterson asked for a sentence of 46 months, or 3.8 years.

He agreed that Durham wasn’t to blame for all of Rush’s financial woes, but she was a “huge part” of it. She stole more and more each year until she stole $ 130,000 a year.

Durham not only stole the business side of Rush, but also his charitable foundation, Patterson said. The foundation – which donated for Durham’s medical concerns – may have to close due to a lack of funds, Viken said in a letter.

Durham was only sorry because she got caught and blamed others in her letter to Viken, Patterson said.

Viken said Durham wrote that she stole money to pay for her medical issues and because she was upset about pay gaps and other forms of sexism at the company. But Durham only used a “small fraction” of the medically stolen money, Patterson said. Most have been traveling, dining, entertainment, Walmart and Best Buy, Pickens testified.

Patterson said that although Durham has health issues, she is healthy enough to work and travel, which means she is healthy enough to go to jail. Sentencing her to probation would send the message that you can avoid jail if you are sick.


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