How To Get The Cheapest Payday Loan

How To Get cheap payday loans: If you want to get the cheapest possible loan, you should follow a simple rule: Stay away from the small loans and mobile loans. This is because these have annual costs and interest rates that can creep up over 40 percent. Instead, explore the possibilities of more traditional consumer loans or go to banks and mortgage companies and compare offers.

When talking to your banker

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Keep in mind that the bank makes money on your loan in the form of interest, and therefore cannot pay you just for being “nice”. The cheap payday loans do not come by themselves, and you can squeeze interest rates if you play the banks against each other or come up with good arguments when you show up for an interview.

If you want to borrow between 10,000 and 100,000 kroner, banks can often offer relatively cheap payday loans. It requires you to have a chat with your banker, who often wants to know what the money will be used for and when you can repay it.

You can usually take out bank loans with floating or fixed interest rates

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With a fixed interest rate, with a bank loan you will not get any surprises along the way. However, with a floating bank loan interest rate, you can get a profit if the interest rate goes down, but you also risk getting a more expensive loan if the interest rate rises during the loan period.

If you have to borrow more than 100,000 it is cheaper to take out a mortgage, but it requires that you have real estate because the mortgage takes the mortgage on the property.

Many other than banks and mortgage companies advertise cheap payday loans, and it can be tempting to bypass the bank. The most important thing to do is to always compare offers before deciding and not jumping into anything too quickly.

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