Lasco Career Spotlight: Paul King, Mitsubishi CFO

Paul King loves helping people. This mantra of doing things for others dates back to his five plus years in the military as an Army Ranger in the 82nd Airborne Division. But it does not stop there. Every day, Paul works with potential buyers of new and pre-owned vehicles at Grand Blanc Mitsubishi. It helps people get loans to buy their dream car. Or, in some cases, the vehicle they need to get to work and support their families.

No task is too difficult. Again, this Army Ranger formation. Paul has helped many people who thought they could never buy a car due to credit issues or bankruptcy. His experience in the automotive sector allows Paul to work with a large number of financial institutions. His determination to find a way helped buyers secure loans when other dealerships refused.

The Business Finance Manager’s job is not just about securing funding. His responsibilities include assisting customers with insurance products to protect their automotive investment. He also takes care of the paperwork that completes the process of registering the purchase with the State of Michigan.

Paul’s commitment to helping people extends beyond the workplace. He sits on the board of directors of Oakland County Faith in Action. The charity matches community volunteers with older people and housebound people who need help with daily activities. Their goal is to help them remain functionally independent.

Always the warrior, Paul also works on his own charity to serve veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder. Having served in one of the Army’s major infantry divisions, Paul knows the price many veterans pay in service to their country.

Paul’s career as a manager

Paul has worked in the automotive retail industry for several years. What brought him to the Lasco Automotive group? According to Paul, “I had a friend who worked at Lasco Ford. He told me about the family atmosphere at the dealership and the type of work environment created by a family business. It sounded like the kind of place I would like to work, so I moved to Fenton. I have never regretted making the switch, every day is a new exciting challenge.

Coming to Lasco Ford, Paul accepted the position of Rental Manager. He has worked with Ford customers on lease renewals, assisting with the lease handover process and handling paperwork requirements with Ford Motor Company. His past experience as a Business Finance Manager has allowed Paul to replace the finance department as needed.

When the Lasco Automotive Group acquired the Mitsubishi franchise at its Grand Blanc location, Paul was the natural choice for promotion to Director of Finance at that location.

Automotive Job Opportunities

If you are an automotive professional looking for that “right” opportunity to match your skills and work ethic with a successful organization, Lasco Automotive Group would like to talk to you.

Lasco Ford and Grand Blanc Mitsubishi are looking for people with varying abilities. Make an appointment to speak with Kelsey Riley, Lasco’s Human Resources Manager. Call 810-593-1249 or email [email protected] Interested candidates can also apply online at

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