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Seeed Studios SenseCAP M1 Long-Fi Access Point and Crypto Collector

Investing in cryptocurrencies has become a reality for individuals and businesses in the financial sector with the release of a new cryptocurrency collection hotspot designed to earn money while providing a Wi-Fi network. Long range fi for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Similar in appearance to a traditional Wi-Fi router, the SenseCAP M1 is placed in the office or home and collects Helium Network Tokens (HNT) to incentivize its IoT network. This is what makes Helium cryptocurrency unique as it is backed by a physical infrastructure that aims to provide a long-range Long-Fi global network that will allow home or industrial devices to be monitored and controlled over the internet. via the Internet of Things (IoT).

Covering the world with Long-fi is largely driven by the investment and the ability to earn thousands of US dollars worth of cryptocurrency per month at busy hubs, while quieter areas still earn a tidy sum that covers typically the cost of the hotspot within a few months and then allows for continued earning of HNT tokens. The coverage map can be viewed at

Managing Director of Euca Technologies, the distributor of SenseCAP M1 devices in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, Ernest Campling, says that in a commercial environment, these devices are typically used in the pharmaceutical, facilities management, equipment, agricultural, food, monitoring and others. that require up-to-the-minute monitoring and control of devices such as equipment control, air quality, irrigation, cold storage, building management and vehicle monitoring, etc.

Long-fi long range capability (up to 15 km) also enables home automation of equipment such as gate motors, access control, alarm systems, air conditioning, lights, curtains and even ovens, washing machines and other devices to be controlled via a computer or cell phone. Over time, the IoT Long-fi network will become ubiquitous and will not require access to standard Wi-Fi and computer networks which can be easily hacked.

SenseCap routers are fully warranted and can be set up in an office or home in minutes almost anywhere to start collecting HNT crypto tokens and deploying Long-fi connectivity to all regions of South Africa and abroad. Zoomable global coverage maps show how Asia, Europe, the United States, and other developed countries have quickly embraced technology and covered entire regions with Long-Fi.

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