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Jobs in finance come with many benefits: high salaries, bonuses, international travel, transferable skills, global networking opportunities.

The highest paying financial jobs are often held by MBA graduates. According to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), 21% of MBAs work in finance-related positions after graduation.

An MBA can help accelerate your career in finance, qualifying you for senior managerial and executive positions. And some of the top employers of MBA students are reputable financial companies like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.

So what are the highest paying financial jobs? *

9. Financial analyst: $ 72,000 +

Financial analysts examine the data to create better opportunities and identify financial problems. By pursuing a financial analyst role, you could earn a comfortable salary of around $ 72,000. Companies such as Paypal, Amazon, and Google are looking for financial analysts with business experience and a relevant understanding of data analytics. These roles come with impressive benefits and mobility opportunities often enhanced by an MBA.

8. Main account manager: $ 74,000 +

Account managers are a key link between the product, the customer and the company and directly manage customer relations and satisfaction. A senior account manager will have a large share of responsibility for growing a company’s revenue and overseeing the larger team of account managers. They earn about $ 74,000 on average.

7. Financial partner: $ 80,000 +

A financial partner creates budgets, advises on tax procedures and manages payments. Salaries are in the order of $ 80,000. There are opportunities in a variety of industries and regions, with increased opportunities with an MBA.

6. Accounting manager: $ 85,000 +

Every business needs to manage its accounts, which means there are plenty of opportunities for accounting management in all industries.

Accountants can earn around $ 85,000, and even more with an MBA. This role requires managerial skills, strong accounting knowledge and an understanding of payroll, payments and collections, as well as a solid understanding of reporting and compliance.

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5. Chief Financial Officer: $ 96,000 +

MBAs are a great fit for financial management positions, and salaries for these highly sought-after jobs are around $ 96,000, depending on experience, region and department.

CFOs play a critical role in tracking internal expenses, creating regular reviews and leading planning and analysis of benefits and budgets.

4. Corporate or financial controller: $ 134,000 +

One of the highest paying financial jobs, controllers are responsible for the financial and regulatory compliance of the organization.

With a serious focus on corporate finance and accounting, corporate controller roles require extensive experience, of which an MBA can be a great indicator. Salaries for these roles are approximately $ 134,000.

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3. CFO: $ 146,000 +

The CFO is the board member who oversees the day-to-day financial management of a business, creating a stable foundation and framework on which the business can grow. CFOs can earn around $ 146,000 on average, but much more in large companies. 19% of MBAs in finance work for Fortune 100 companies, according to GMAC, and an MBA further increases their earning potential.

2. Chief Financial Officer (CFO): $ 154,000 +

One of the most senior financial positions within a company, the CFO is the senior manager responsible for managing financial actions throughout the company. Salaries for CFOs are huge, averaging $ 153,000 and much more in most large companies.

1. Vice President of Finance: $ 173,000 +

A dream role for many MBAs, and often associated with the role of CFO, the VP of finance oversees and projects the company’s financial activities and actions. As a major leader within the company, the Vice President of Finance is one of the most senior executives and he manages, guides and directs attention. They can earn around $ 173,000 or more, the highest paying financial job available.

MBAs working in finance report a high level of job satisfaction with 78% stating that they are satisfied or very satisfied with their career progression.

If you are looking to reach the dizzying heights of the financial world or take on a leading role in finance at one of the world’s largest companies, an MBA is a great place to start.

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* Salary data is from Glassdoor and average US figures are provided.


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