These are the highest paying tech and financial jobs in Australia



  • The LinkedIn Salary feature is extended from the US and UK to Australia.
  • Function gives a candidate for a job an idea of ​​what a role is worth.
  • Australian data shows which are the highest paying jobs in finance and tech.

Going into a job interview with a clear idea of ​​what you’re worth shifts the balance of power in the room a bit more in the candidate’s direction.

LinkedIn is expanding its salary data to Australia, offering estimates for local roles for the first time through LinkedIn Salary.

The data gives a detailed breakdown of the base salary, as well as additional items such as bonuses and incentives, for a given job title.

LinkedIn Salary is extended from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany to India, Mexico, Ireland, France, Australia, Spain and the Netherlands.

“Your salary doesn’t have to be a sensitive topic,” explains LinkedIn.

“It’s one of the most important things for you in your career. In fact, it is the main factor that motivates professionals in their careers, and one of the first things that job seekers are interested in learning about a role, but often this information can be difficult to discover, unreliable. or misleading.

Based on local Australian data, here are the 10 highest paid positions in financial services:


And in technology:


LinkedIn recommends starting a salary discussion with a solid number in mind.

“Don’t be afraid to put it on the table,” LinkedIn says.

“Part of being transparent is about standing up for your abilities as part of the reasoning behind asking for the salary you want.

“Use LinkedIn Salary to help you understand how your education and past experience affects the value of the position you are considering and how you should be paid.

“Sticking to what you know you are worth can be uncomfortable, but according to a recent survey commissioned by LinkedIn, receiving a salary that is right for you is key to overall job satisfaction.

“If your employer or potential employer comes back with less than you ask for, work together to find common ground – and, coming back to our first point, make sure you’re prepared to explain why you deserve it. ”


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